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Filmanmeldelser. Hollywood til Asia og resten av verden.
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The Salt of the Earth (2014)

PUBLICERAT: 2015-08-30, kl: 10:32
"We are a ferocious animal. We humans are terrible animals. Our history is a history of wars. It’s an endless story, a tale of madness. Bilde: 1.85:1 Lyd: Dolby Digital 5.1 Undertekst: Norsk I The Salt of the Earth følger vi fotografen Sebastião Salgado."

Insanity (2015) (English)

PUBLICERAT: 2015-08-29, kl: 10:32
"Always crazy? After killing his wife, a man is sentenced to get treatment at a psychiatric hospital. His psychiatrist is a doctor who is certain that his patient is ready to start a new life after three years of treatment at the psychiatric hospital."

Lost and Love (2015) (English)

PUBLICERAT: 2015-08-26, kl: 10:11
"Will he find his son after 14 years? A father who had a son that was kidnapped 14 years ago is still looking for his son. He travels around on his motorbike, and he gets some hints from people about his son and where they think he is located. The father ..."